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As innovative as our business model and our approaches. Lateral hinking instead of imitate. Patents protect our own freedom of action.

Transfer technologies, processes and materials from other industries to the automotive industry is part of our daily work.

Staff qualifications

We build on proven experience and decision-makers, engineers with years of experience in their respective fields and partners who have demonstrated their skills in leadership roles for decades to prove.


The constantly changing requirements in projects and challenges in the automotive environment we adapt immediately. Using more or less staff, as well as the involvement of partners around issues to solve them goal-and results-oriented.

Product and market knowledge

Our claim is not to know something of everything, but to know everything of something. Therefore, Partner-On-Demand has been specializing in the automotive sector and focuses on engineering of automotive seating and interiors. One, if not the essential distinction between "perceived driving". We call it "Engineered Emotions". The technologies and products available in the market are well known by us.

Our excellent relationships with the decision makers of the OEMs and their suppliers, we provide for you.


A core team complemented by a proven network of specialists allows us to be quickly and with the right people on site or as a back office to address your subjects in close cooperation with your team.

Long-term partnership

The business model of Partner-On-Demand bases on a few, but strong customer relationships. Avoids conflicts of interest, confidential information remain "among us" and innovative solutions secure you a competitive advantage.

We see ourselves as part of your business. Our employees are "your" employees, integrated into your team, they think and act like you.


We are working on details, but think on the whole. From raw materials to components, complete seats and interiors, to the wishes of "our" customers - from Tier 1 through OEM to the car buyers themselves.

We support development projects in close cooperation with your team or independently perform this on request from concept, through development, prototyping and validation of up to start of production.

We think and act like entrepreneurs, whether strategic, organizational & process development, technology & innovation consulting, training and coaching, interim management & task forces, business development & representation of your company to your customers.

The Business Units of Partner-On-Demand

Partner · On · Demand  |  Engineering & Consulting
Engineering & Program Management, Innovation & Technology, Consulting, Interim Management & Task Force, Business Development & Representation
Ralf Hoge   |  Kölnerstraße 27  |  42477 Radevormwald (Germany)  |  Mobil +49 160 978 264 59  |  ralf.hoge@partner-on-demand.de
Günter Kraus   |  St.-Engelbert-Str. 7  |  51519 Odenthal (Germany)  |  Mobil +49 160 535 8782  | guenter.kraus@partner-on-demand.de