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Partner-On-Demand is understood as an unconventional thinker, to tap into innovative ideas from all industries for the automotive industry, but also to transfer automotive technologies and approaches in non-automotive industries.

Innovations which Partner-On-Demand picks up in the portfolio for industrialization have fundamentally strong patent protection. We help inventors at this crucial stage and create project approaches.

Currently Partner-On-Demand supports following products and technologies:

MgMnE21 ®: A new magnesium alloy with extraordinary qualities that will enable through a special processing technology, a fundamental shift in automotive lightweight and opens up new areas of application.

easyboxx ®: A Practical "Click and Go" adaptation of a mobile box onto commercial tow bars for craftsmen ship, leisure and everyday use.

Lightstone ®: A natural stone surface to fleece, pure mineral, for the interior of the vehicle or the body of vehicles.

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